Are you feeling overwhelmed or looking for some guidance with your current financial situation? Would you benefit from a helping hand in navigating the complexities of such things as: investment management, retirement planning, charitable gifting, social security optimization and estate planning? You are not alone.  If becoming a financial expert is not at the top of your priority list, we understand the unique financial challenges that you may face and are here to help you thrive.

Why Us


As a fiduciary advisor for women, we are bound by the highest ethical standards, putting your best interests above all else. We are dedicated to empowering women with personalized financial guidance, tailored strategies, and transparent advice to help you achieve your unique goals and secure your financial future with confidence. Your trust and financial well-being are our top priorities.


At Women’s Wealth, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of single women, and we are here to provide dedicated support to help you achieve your financial dreams. Our personalized approach and commitment to your financial well-being make us the ideal partner on your journey to financial success.


We are committed to walking alongside you during every transition, offering the financial guidance and support you need to thrive in every phase of life. Let us be your trusted partner on your financial journey - together, we'll create a brighter and more secure future.

Who We Serve

Women In Transition

Women can find themselves in many different phases of life that often carry significant financial implications. Women we partner with are typically seeking guidance surrounding one/several of the following categories:

  • Loss/Anticipated Loss of a Spouse or Loved One

  • Preparing for Retirement

  • Receipt of Sudden Wealth - Inheritance/Windfall or sale of business

  • Divorce

  • Strategically Gifting to Charity

  • Executive Benefits

  • Desire to Simplify Financial Life

Who We Serve


Independent Customized Portfolio Management

Accounts managed “in-house”. Open architecture approach with ability to manage individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs and CDs

Social Security Analysis

Project the most advantageous time to turn on social security

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive income plan and financial longevity projections. Pension election analysis. Retirement plan contribution and allocation advice

Strategic Charitable Gifting Strategies

Coordination of total financial picture with other professionals such as CPA and estate planning attorney. Paramount to incorporate other tax professionals to ensure proper holistic planning from tax and estate view

Insurance Planning / Estate Planning

Properly planning your estate to help your family cover final expenses, pay off estate taxes, and ensure an inheritance for your loved ones.

Other Services

Employee benefits consulting, Fixed Investment planning, IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, stock options, pension elections, CD Investments, annuities, life insurance, stock options, investment strategies, pension election, retirement plans

Common reasons to engage our services:

Loss of spouse or loved one

Planning for retirement

Receipt of sudden wealth - commonly through inheritance, sale of business or winning the lottery

Job/Career change

Desire to simplify financial life and consolidate assets

Assistance with executive benefits

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